Recycling and Waste Facility

Excel Waste Management Ltd, based in Rainham, Essex is one of the fastest growing Skip Hire and Waste Management facilities in London and Essex.

We have recently commissioned Kiverco’s State of the Art ‘Dinosouraus’ setting Excel Waste apart from the rest of our industry.

Extensive investment in our recycling facility allows us to repurpose, reuse and redistribute your waste better. We are dedicated to ensuring we recycle 98% of waste we receive.

The Recycling Process

All inbound material is weighed on our annually calibrated weighbridge and visually inspected on a load-by-load basis, it is then loaded through our Dinosouraus and processed through our plant and built in picking station to be sorted into various waste streams and distributed back out as clean, reused or recycled products.

  1. All incoming waste material is weighted on a calibrated weighbridge and is visually inspected against any description provided on a waste transfer note prior to being directed into the designated tipping area.
  2. Once the material is tipped, large recyclable fractions are removed and sorted into the different waste streams.
  3. Smaller fractions of waste material are loaded onto the Waste Screening Plant which separates mixed waste material into the different waste streams by the means of trommel, shaker, magnets, fans and manual sorting.